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IDBE Tools

Tools / AddIn for Office (Access)  - Visual Basic Editor

Current Version: 1.13.03 (06.20.2010)



Your donations are very appreciated and will help to keep the support for this version.



Download IDBE Tools 2010 (Office x86)

Download IDBE Tools 2010x64 (Office x64)

11 Wizards and Code Builders for the Office Visual Basic Editor.

  1. MsgBox Builder
  2. TaskDialog Builder
  3. Query to VBA String Builder
  4. Domain Function Wizard
  5. Recordset Builder
  6. Function Builder
  7. Code Container
  8. File / Folder Dialog Wizard
  9. Color / Font Dialog Wizard
  10. Special Folder Path Editor
  11. Clear Immediate Windows

The complete generated code is compatible up to Office 2013 x64

Information / Installation


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